Why Flip the Switch?


Energy Diversity

FPUA only buys liquid natural gas. FPL has multiple sources of efficient and clean energy.

This protects consumers from spikes in the price of a single source of energy.


Average Energy Savings with FPL

We all know we are paying too much. The time is now!

FPUA Hasn’t Generated Electricity Since 2008

FPUA closed the King plant in 2008. They have not generated power in over a decade.

FPUA buys and resells power from the Florida Municipal Power Agency (FMPA).

They are a middleman between Fort Pierce electric consumers and the provider.

FPUA buys only liquid natural gas power. This subjects us to the risk of rising liquid natural gas prices.

As the saying goes you don’t put all your eggs in one basket. We are paying for their mistakes every month.

FPUA Is a Hidden 6% Tax

Every year FPUA funnels 6% of its profits to the City of Fort Pierce General Fund.

Many FPUA customers live outside city limits. They are forced to pay a tax to the City of Fort Pierce without having a vote on how their money is spent. This is unfair and an unnecessary burden on everyone.


Let's Flip the Switch to FPL