FPUA has thrown the Fort Pierce customers a small bone and is reducing rates by $3/month.

The authority’s board of directors last week approved the lower rates because it spent 2.7 percent less on fuel used to produce electricity.

The average electric bill of $116.84 will fall to $113.84 per month, officials said. The lower rates will be reflected on August bills.

Despite laundering millions into the Fort Pierce general fund FPUA spokesperson pretended they give everything back to the customer.

“Energy costs are passed onto the customer — utilities don’t make a profit on fuel costs — and as our customers are using less and we are not purchasing as much the cost savings are passed onto customers,” FPUA spokesman Jason Van Hoffman said.

But numbers don’t lie.

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New lower rates effective July 1.

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Source: FPUA cuts electric rates by $3 per month – TC Palm