You know how screwed up FPUA is and it’s power over the people forced to buy from them when the City Commission of Fort Pierce votes 3-2 NOT to raise rates but rates are raised anyways.

FPUA customers will see a 3% increase in their water and sewer bills. 

FPUA does not need more money. In fact they need less money. Their excess profits are slushed over to the City of Fort Pierce general fund. So Fort Pierce is using this as a de facto tax to take more money out of the hands of the people in Fort Pierce and those in the county that must suffer FPUA’s continue reign of plunder.

Keona Gardener writes at TCPalm:

Commissioners Reggie Sessions, Jeremiah Johnson and Rufus Alexander voted against the water and sewer increases, saying the authority has yet to prove it needs the money, considering the high amount it has set aside for capital projects and reserves.

The increases are expected to bring FPUA an additional $900,000 annually, according to city records.

“I can’t support this,” Sessions said. “I feel like our utilities authority should run itself like a nonprofit. When you look at the contingencies, the reserves and capital budget, it is just another way of hiding money.”

Of course FPUA defended their largesse.

FPUA Director John Tompeck defended the increases, calling current rates inadequate.

Join us in telling FPUA to pound sand just as Vero Beach told their rip off utilities to get lost. It has been done and can be done.


Say Goodbye to FPUA