From January 2014:

The Florida Municipal Power Agency is a fascist entity run by government bureaucracy competing with private business and due to monopoly rights they have been ripping off customers in Fort Pierce, Vero Beach and across Florida.

end fpuaThe method in which rates are set by organizations like Fort Pierce Utilities Authority that are in the FMPA is laughable.  In the last meeting where FPUA set their rates had nothing to do with what is best for the customers they serve.  The rate setting method involved merely looking at chart of other FMPA resellers and deciding we are not the highest so we have some room to raise rates to stay in the middle.

Only by eliminating choice can you set prices in that manner while keeping customers in contempt.

Vero Beach has had enough:

Vice Mayor Jay Kramer made a motion that required city officials to find ways to reduce electric bills for customers immediately, rather than wait for the February Florida Municipal Power Agency meeting. No one seconded Kramer’s motion.

“I get a lot of people who ask when rates are coming down,” Kramer said. “It’s pretty obvious we’re not going to sell this thing in the next couple of years. I’m tired of paying high electric rates.”

Luckily Vero Beach is getting out from the weight of the FMPA or so it seems. They’ll have to terminate a contract with a government-run private business.  Good luck.

Until then they will have to suffer under the FMPA rates until the sale to Florida Power and Light goes through.

But Brunjes said it is not obvious to FPL that the sale is not going to happen for several years.

“We hope to be able to report back to you in the very near future,” Brunjes said. “We share the goal to bring you lower electric rates.”

Source: More extortion in Vero Beach – The Liberty Caucus