Vero Beach is proving that a FPUA monopoly is not needed.

First they voted out their over-priced city utility so that it may be sold. Unfortunately the same cartel charging Vero customers over-priced electric rates is the same cartel that FPUA is in cahoots with.

Now they are disproving the myth that you can have only one electric provider in an area.

City Council voted unanimously Tuesday to go out to bid for electric suppliers, but only for a portion of its electric needs.

City staff has been negotiating with the Orlando Utilities Commission, which currently sells wholesale electric to the city. But the city’s utility attorney Robert “Schef” Wright recommended the council put out bids for electric providers as a way to “test the waters” for electric supply. He said the city could expect eight to 10 bids.

The contracts the city has with the Florida Municipal Power Agency would be unaffected. Vero voters have advocated selling the city’s electric system to Florida Power & Light, but the city’s contracts with its electric suppliers have stalled a sale.

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Source: Vero Beach city council to seek electric supply bids