Vero Beach Electric Rates to go Down but Not by Much

After decades of ripping off electric customers in Indian River County the Vero Beach power provider is celebrating itself for lowering rates.

It comes not out of desire to provide customers lower rates but because the customers forced to patronize them have revolted and voted to ditch Vero Beach municipal power in favor of FPL and their lower rates.

The reduction is not likely to do very much to satisfy fed up customers.

Vero’s electric customers have complained for years about rates higher than FPL’s. The average Vero Beach customer pays about $124 a month for about 1,000 KWH of electricity. FPL charges $95 for the same amount, according to state consumer reports.

Vero Beach is in the same position FPUA is in. One of bending over their customers.

Source: New Vero Beach power contract will lower bills, but how much is still unknown

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