Reasons for Ending FPUA Electric

As if any FPUA customer needs a reason for ending their electric service other than their monthly bill. Here are a few of the top reasons it is time to end FPUA electric.

The Struggle     Rates      Taxes     No Representation

Families & Businesses Struggle Because of FPUA

fpua bills too highFPUA has a negative impact on families and businesses. In a city where many struggle to get by FPUA makes them needlessly pay more.

Why should FPUA customers struggle to keep their power on?

Let’s put more money back into our pockets.


HIGH FPUA PRICESFPUA Customers Over Pay for Electric Rates

Every hour FPUA customers are paying over a nickel more than their neighbors served by FPL.

  • FPL charges 5.8¢ every kw hour
  • FPUA charges 11.8¢ every kw hour
  • FPUA customers over pay 6¢ every kw hour
  • FPUA charges a power cost adjustment which is you being stiffed by a middleman.

What could you do with extra savings every month?

FPUA Customers Are Being Taxed into the Dark

FPUA customers are forced to pay extra to keep their lights on to help fund waste in City Hall. FPUA customers are over charged on their electric rates as a shadow tax for the city of Fort Pierce.

  • fpua fort pierce taxesSince 1997 Fort Pierce has collected over $32million from FPUA customers in shadow taxes
  • Over charges in 2014 showered Fort Pierce with almost $5.5million

FPUA Customers Get Taxed without Representation

monopolyFPUA customers living outside the Fort Pierce city limits have to pay the shadow tax to Fort Pierce but don’t have a vote for how that money is used.

They pay shadow taxes because of waste in City Hall but can’t affect change in City Hall. Not long ago people declared independence because of this.

Now is the time to Declare Independence from FPUA Electric.


Say Goodbye to FPUA