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The Choice Shouldn’t Be to Buy Food or Pay High Electric Bills

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FPUA Rates are TOO High

Fort Pierce has high poverty levels. Unnecessarily high power bills hurt locals.

It should NOT cost more just to keep the lights on. No more excuses.

Source: WPTV 

Let's Flip the Switch to FPL

Join the fed up FPUA customers who are tired of overpaying for their electricity.

FPUA customers have been overpaying for years.

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Can This Really Be Done?


January 1, 2022 FPL’s parent company bought Gulf Power in northwest Florida.

Our neighbor Vero Beach finalized the sale of their power company to FPL in 2018. That is less than 5 years ago.

FPL has demonstrated they will acquire power companies. They have done so right next door and it went smoothly.

Will Linda Hudson Stand in Way of Fort Pierce?

Many people wonder will FPL really buy FPUA? TCPalm reports that FPL made an offer in 2012. The reports quotes the Fort Pierce Mayor Linda Huson. The last time an FPUA sale even was discussed was 2012, when FPL gave a presentation to the FPUA board of directors, but...

FPL Offered to Buy FPUA in 2012

Back in 2012 there was movement on the Treasure Coast for city-owned utilities to be sold off to FPL. It took a few years of work for Vero Beach to be sold off to FPL so customers can enjoy cheaper rates. Many Vero Beach customers were overpaying for rates and...

Let's Flip the Switch to FPL